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Quality criteria

Work quality is the fundamental guarantee of product quality. In order to implement the quality guidelines, our staff must maintain the following work quality every day:

1 Every process, every part, every document, every word and deed quality must be less guaranteed to the next order and customer satisfaction.

2. Actively participate in the continuous improvement of our product performance and production process

3. Never avoid mistakes, correct mistakes in time, and take effective measures to avoid mistakes from happening again

4. Work in good order, and keep the position clean and hygienic all the time

Environmental criteria

To reduce pollution and improve the environment is the environmental standard, but also to undertake social responsibility!

We reduce waste discharge as much as possible

We properly handle production waste, waste water and waste gas according to law

3. We require suppliers to comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations, and use recyclable, green, energy-saving and harmless materials as far as possible

Products as far as possible to reduce noise pollution, prolong the service life

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