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About us

Founded in 2013, Our headquarters located in the famous manufacturing city known as Sunflower company committed to research and development and production of Mechanical equipment and Power engineering and other fields of industrial Aluminum Casting.

After 10 years of continuous development, now We set up a number of branches with other hardware varieties.

Strategic cooperation

Enterprise core values, adhere to the performance orientation, the creation of value as the starting point of all work, always adhere to the pursuit of value creation. Passion and rationality, innovation and execution, team and individual adhere to the unity of work passion and management rationality, advocate the mission of passion into the cause, give work with extraordinary significance; At the same time, it emphasizes rational spirit, norms, professions and occupations, equal emphasis on results and processes, and proper handling of scale and efficiency, long-term interests and short-term interests and other important relations. Adhere to the company's interests based innovation and highly unified, advocate whimsical thinking, in order to constantly improve the organization's innovation ability, and form a set of scientific innovation mechanism, so that innovation becomes the source of our continuous success

Our mission

At the same time, it stresses the implementation to the letter and opposes any form of bureaucracy, formalism and liberalism. Adhere to the unity of teamwork and individual role, advocate giving full play to each person's different roles in the team, encourage individuals to contribute wisdom and strength; At the same time, it emphasizes teamwork and common growth. The company adopts advanced production management concept, welcome our customers to visit our company! We will make unremitting efforts for your needs!

Address:Shengan Industrial Park, Houqiao Street, Xishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China